Pop surrealism, impressionism, modern abstract, dynamic realistic paintings fused with kinetic sculptures and installation art will grace the walls of Art Anton in #artMERGE! A year-ender show featuring 39 artists.

Opening reception: 8 December, Saturday, 6:00 pm.
Exhibit runs until 27 December 2018.

Sam Penaso "Red Infinity"

Wilfredo Offemaria Jr.

Otto Neri "Alpha & Beta"

Dia Marian Magculang "I'll Start With A Still Life"

Micko Macariola "Il Sognatore"

Art Lozano "Maximum Overload III"

Art Lozano "Maximum Overload II"

Art Lozano "Maximum Overload I"

Jun Impas "Never Too Late"

Irish Galon "Wallflowers"