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Cee Cadid "Transparent"

Entering the Celestial Space of Rico Lascano

On view at Art Anton is Rico Lascano's "Heofon," the title coming from an Old English word meaning "the heavens or the skies." The artist intends to evoke celestial space—boundless, endless, with no beginning or end, eternal. In brief, a space where the Divine resides. The subject, or orientation, is not new to the artist. Indeed since the start of his career, Lascano has always veered toward the abstract, the minimalist, the inward-looking, the transcendent, the luminescent, all executed in various applications with the flooding of light. His initial shows were markedly Zen, reflections on bodies of water [...]

On The Rise

Manila Bulletin

Art Anton opened its doors last Nov. 25, 2016, with a show entitled “Higher”. It covers a wide-ranging delineation of themes reflecting the current realities and tensions of contemporary life delievered in the artist’s distinctive signature styles.

Perfect Imperfections at Art Anton

Philippine Star

Opening today at Art Anton is the show “Perfect Imperfections” featuring the works of Gerry Joquico, Grae Martin Joquico, Gary Joseph Joquico, Clinton Aniversario and Adam Nacianceno.